April 24, 2007

Two at the same time...

Updates that is... see I told you my life was CRAZY!!! Between work and dealing with all the meetings for high school registration, it has been nuts here.....

Thursdays appointment went OK. I freaked out at first because they made me sign a financial waiver saying that my insurance might not pay because the clinic is all in-house now. Well that didn't sit well with me, and I demanded to talk to the lady in the business office.... She assured me that they were making all insurance patients sign because they were having issues with the companies not wanting to pay, but she said mine wasn't the one giving them any grief. Hell I wouldn't even let them draw my blood before I talked to her!! So after all that I got to see the doc, and he did the mock transfer, said that my cervix looked great (good thing huh??) and that my ovaries looked great to, but that they were the perfect picture of OHSS likely ovaries... I told him yeah I kinda figured that, but we weren't going to do that this time RIGHT??!! He said that they had agreed that I would start on less meds this time, and they would go from there. So I was put on 200 units of F*llistim, and of course the L*pron every morning.

The weekend was hell, I had to work all weekend, and even though it isn't many hours at once, I have to be up and out of the house by 6 AM to get to where I need to be... fun, fun!!!

So Yesterdays appointment at the clinic was good to... I have 12 or so follies on the right ovary measuring 7-8-9, and about 7 on the left ovary the same sizes. Doc said that is good, and we are moving right along. Last night when I got my instructions, they told me to stay on 200 units, and come back Thursday morning. This has me a little worried because last time Thursday was where my E2 decided to skyrocket out of control... UGH, but maybe this less amount will be the key. So I guess as things go right now we are looking at retrieval on Monday the 30th unless something changes drastically by Thursday. I do know that I am not feeling as much going on with my ovaries as I was this time last cycle, so I hope that is a good thing!!

So other then being busy out of my mind nothing else has really been going on to report.... Other then the trip issue, which I will resolve one way or another. So off, to work I go again!! You guys have a great day!! BTW, thanks for all the comments, it is soooo nice to know that I have a support system here that I can depend on when I need you!! I may not get to respond to your blogs all the time, but I do try to read them... that has been one of the reasons that I have a hard time updating... I have so many of you to look in on!!! Hugs!!

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