April 29, 2007

The never ending cycle.....

Well the old ovaries have decided that slow and steady wins the race this time I guess!!! I went in yesterday (Saturday) for blood work, and U/S, and my follies were all only 16's at the most... well except for one huge 20 on my left side. So, I waited for hours, and they never called with my results, so I finally called them, and was told to stay on the 200 units, for Saturday, take the HCG injection at 10:00 PM on Sunday, come to clinic Monday by 8 AM, and then hopefully retrieval will be Tuesday... HOPEFULLY!!!! I have yet to figure out what in the hell is going on with my ovaries!! I really didn't think that 50 units was going to make this big of a difference, but I guess I was wrong!! I don't think the docs thought that I was going to move this slow either!! The good thing is that it means that my E2 level is staying low, and that is a good thing right now as it will help lessen the risk of severe OHSS this time!!

I have been having some weird things happen to me over this cycle, and I will try to get the time to tell you about them tomorrow when I get home from clinic!! Have a nice night!!


DD said...

Try not to think about the size of the follicles, but the E2 levels.

What's the hurry anyway? The lovely 2ww will be here soon enough. ;)

Make sure you have a book or two picked out for post transfer, but avoid Momzilla. It's annoying.

Samantha said...

Slow and steady is all good. I hope you'll have your retrieval tomorrow!