April 9, 2007

Another one Bites the Dust....

Another week that is, and what a hell of a week it has been... I am gonna give you the short version, because I have no time or energy tonight.

#1- My cat decided on Wednesday that it would be great to chew up a few little vials of K-9 Advantix, and I found him seizing in the back bedroom, so I ended up rushing him to the vet. It was touch and go til Friday when he seemed to start coming around. He came home on Saturday, and is still acting "funny" and the vet isn't sure if he will ever be quite normal again. I have to tell you that I knew it could make my cats sick, and that is why we stopped using it, but no one said it was TOXIC to cats, and would kill them!! I totally forgot to throw out the old vials, and he got at them. I learned my lesson, and shelled out 800 bucks in the process. He is doing a little better everyday, so I am hoping that he will be back to his old self, but it will take time.

#2- Kent got a 77 in Math, and then found out on Friday when he got his report card that a few of his other grades went down, so now he will be on probation with the Beta Club, and that means no trip in May. I wasn't mad at him, because he was pretty hard on himself. I asked if he was doing the best that he could do, and he said yes he was... well that is all I can ask for, and since the poor kid was crying his eyes out, I wasn't going to chew him out and make it worse. He is hard enough on himself for all of us!! I just told him that I had better get my room deposit back!!

#3- I started L*pron on Thursday, but it was the old vial because low and behold StupidInsCo is playing games again. It took me until after 7 on Friday to get everything worked out, and then the Pharmacy was closed for the weekend... I still wasn't able to get there today with all that has been going on, my phone has been ringing off the freaking hook.

I have been so stressed out that I feel like I am going to bust. Clark is still having issues with his meds, and has been a bear to live with for the most part, so I have been trying to give him a lot of latitude the last few weeks. I am just as frustrated for him, as he is for himself!! Work is going ok, but it is pretty interesting to say the least. Other then that, a lot of little things are driving me nuts, and I stop the BCP's this Thursday, so hopefully that will help my mood a little... along with a few other things getting settled then I will be in a way better place.

BTW, Kent has been doing a lot better after I talked to him last week, I told him that I knew he was frustrated, but that he has to learn how to talk to me instead of just acting like a little butt head, so he has been really great, except for a little hollering match that he got into Clark with on Friday night, but they worked that one out to!! Gotta love teens!!! Ok, so I am off to bed, I have a VERY BUSY day tomorrow to make up for having the day off today!! LOL


Samantha said...

I hope you kitty recovers. I never realized those vials would be attactive to cats.

My mood seemed to improve a lot once I stopped the BCP. For one thing, I started sleeping better and being less grouchy. Hope you'll have the same!

deanna said...

I'm so sorry about your poor cat! I, too, HATE putting that stuff on my cats and dogs, but we have such terrible tick problems here! I'm glad your kitty recovered enough to come home. Maybe he'll feel like himself with a little more time and TLC. :)

My Reality said...

I hope you cat continues to improve. It must have been awful to find him.

chris said...

Oh, I hope your cat gets better. Poor little thing. And then take away his toys for punishment--$800 bucks! Darn cat.