August 22, 2005

The Universe....

As I sit here contimplating the fate of the Universe.... (Note to self... Bad idea when consuming Bacardi 151) I am hating life in general today..... I spoke before about the sibling group that we were waiting on well today this happened....

You know after Friday's doctor appointment I just new nothing else could go wrong in my life... I was SOOO WRONG. After calling and leaving 5 messages for the worker of the sib group that were are waiting to get, I asked our Adoption worker to hunt her down and ask her to call me. They are going to court on Wensday, and I was going to be up that way already, so I thought I might tag along with her to see what the judge decides to do. Well, 15 minutes after I get off the phone with my worker, the kids' worker calls me and tell me this... "I have been meaning to call you" she asked how I was and I told her briefly about Friday, and why I was calling, so then she proceeds to tell me this... "Well, I hate to tell you this, but you don't meed to come to court, and you won't be getting the kids. We decided that we need to keep them instate to better deal with their needs, and frankly, the fact that you live in another state has pretty much put you out of the running for any other foster kids from here. We have found an appropriate home for all 3 of the kids together, the family has agreed to take them, and they have already signed the placement agreement." I was so dumbfounded I just said ok well what do you want me to do with all of the stuff that has been donated to us for them?? I know that you said they didn't have much. She tells me almost rudely "Well I am sure there are resources there in your state that could use them, but if you INSIST on bringing them up, I will make sure the kids get them. Again, I am sorry to have to tell you this, I have to go, have a nice day."


Can you even believe this crap?? I mean I have literally had my life on hold for over a month waiting for the 24th, and it takes at least 2 weeks to do a placement agreement, so why did they wait until this morning, after I had someone chase her ass down, to call and tell me this??? I am so done with that agency that I left a message for the department head to call me, and I am going to tell her that I no longer want to foster any of their kids EVER. This is the 3rd time in the last 3 months they have pulled this crap on me, and I am so done with it. I would rather do IF treatments for the rest of my natural life and have all of them fail, then to have to go through another day like today again. I am going to make some phone calls as to the legality of what they have done to, and even if I can't get them on legality, I may go for morality. Every one of those workers in that office knows what we have been through with Kent, and IF, and this is like a slap in the damn face. I am so mad and broken hearted, I spent most of this afternoon crying on the phone with Clark... How can they do this to me??? Sorry I am just so upset right now I am literally sick to my stomach. I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I just HAD to get that all off my chest!!!

First off let me explain the friday appointment... in short my PCP thinks that I have Breast Cancer, and I go in on the 25th for a diagnostic Mammogram, and ultrasound with asperation, and I am scared out of my wits, so then this crap happens today, and not to mention that I found out one of my sweet Furries has Heart Worms last wensday to.

So needless to say I have had a crappy week, and I am really hating life in general right now, I mean if I was a little less of a person I would think that maybe God has it out for me, and to tell you the truth my heart is begining to lean in this general direction. I mean isn't it bad enough that I am infertile?? I hope that in the end I will look back at this day and laugh, but I hardly think that is going to happen... what have I done that is so freaking bad that I have to have all this shit in my life?? I would like to think that I have lived my life as the Man would want, but still I get kicked every single time I am down... what is up with that?? I just feel like right now I cannot catch a break, and I am very frankly getting sick of it... say a little prayer for me because I am not sure I have the strength left for this!!!

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