August 5, 2005

Been Busy...

Well, I have had a ruff 2 weeks. We can't adopt from Korea, and we decided to go with Guatumaula instead, well I had to go to DSS the day after we decided this, and one of the workers that I had spoken to in April about foster/adopting a sibling group of 3 came up to me, and told me that they were removing the kids that coming friday. Well, I go home freaking out cuz it is tuesday and I only have 4 days to get ready for them. I called all of my friends, and stuff came rolling in. The worker told me that she didn't think the kids had much in the way of clothes or toys, so I now have a room full of stuff, and it was 2 weeks today... and needless to say I have no kids. The woman that they are living with has been whining for months that she wanted the kids removed, and CPS got a call from the birth family that the little boy had burns all over him, well when they went to look at them, they took the kids to the local childrens hospital, and come to find out along with the burns they all had infected flea bites. So CPS was trying to get her to sign the kids over voluntarily, by kinda scaring her with the the fact that depending on how the investigation went that she may even lose her kids. Well now she has decided that she wants to keep them... go freaking figure!! So I have to hang out and wait for August 24th when they actaully go to court. They have already started our interstate papers, so that is good. The worker says that she really wants us to ultimately adopt these kids, and while I would love to, I have been through almost 4 years of hell with Kent as far as the adoption process goes, so I will keep breathing if you know what I mean. So, our lives right now as far as the international adoption is in a holding pattern. I was really devistated when she called me though, and to be honest with you it has taken me this long to sorta bounce back. I guess it was so hard on me because that was the 3rd time in a month that they had told me that they had a kid for us, and then had to back out. The one before the 3, they didn't even call to tell me that the mom of a new born boy that they called me about had changed her mind in the middle of the night. I have to tell you it is really stressful dealing with DSS sometimes. I know that they have their rules, and the goal of the agency is for family reunification, but why do they have to yank the foster parents around so damn much. UGH. So I have been filling my time with yardwork, and feeling sorry for myself. I want to get a job, but then I would hate to have to quit if we do get the kids, so I have been holding off on that one for now. I am also thinking of starting to sell an idea that I had on EBay, so just incase we go on with our international adoption, I will fund it that way, along with some savings.

Other then that, Kent is still grounded, and refuses to comply with the rules that we had for him to get off, so he will stay grounded until he can get it together. I know that might seem a little hard, but these are things that we have been working on since we have had him. He knows the rules, and refuses to follow them, so that is the consequence. He goes back to school on the 25th, and that will be kinda nice!! I know that he is looking forward to going back, and has already talked about how he is going to have to work hard this year to maintain his honor roll. I am so proud of how far he has come since we have had him, that I could just cry. I really think that he is going to do something with his life other then sit and feel sorry for himself all day long. It is so nice to know that as foster parents that we have done something right since you hear sooo many horror stories about foster families, and how they treat the kids they care for, but there are good foster families out there who really love the kids that they care for!! I even saw the Montel show today, and it was about horrible foster homes... I really didn't like that show at all, and I admire him so very much. I know that there are families out there who do those things, but what about a show to let people know about the amazing families out there?? Oh well, I guess I just see things differently the some people.

Well, I guess that is it for tonight, I am going to go have a little night cap, and get ready for the weekend.... more yardwork if it doesn't rain tomorrow, and we are gonna hit the Bull Bash in town tomorrow night if it stays nice.

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