June 4, 2009

15 years.....

As I typed that my heart skipped a beat.

I have been married to the man of my dreams for 15 years.

It is hard to believe that because it feels just like yesterday.

My mother asked me if it has been worth it, and I told her yes, nothing else has ever felt so right to me in my whole life.

The man I share my life with is the most amazing person, and I am so happy that I found him.

He completes every part of my hearts desires, and more.

He is my hero, and he surprises me with the depth of his love. It is breathtaking.

I watch him with Turtle, and I know that there is no man on this earth who was better suited to walk with me and be the father of our children.

We have and have had our low points, but it is him who carries me through them, and with him I know that our world will always be right.

I can't even put into words my love for him, it is truly all encompassing.

He kissed me softly tonight and I asked what that was for, and he reminded me that this was a special day for another reason to, and I instantly knew what he meant.... June 4th of 2007, I watched tears fall from his eye as we saw the Turtle's heart beating for the first time.

We came full circle again on this day two years ago.

It has been a wonderful 15 years, the last two though were down right amazing....

Here is to many more years with my wonderful husband, I love you with all my heart, and soul.


Kristin said...

Happy Anniversary Rebel. We celebrate our 15th anniversary this November.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 15 years of marriage! In this day and time, that is quite an accomplishment! I'm glad you are both so happy together after being together for so long - especially with all the battles you've both had to face over the years!

A Decade of BFNs said...

Congrats!!! 15 years, that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!

My Reality said...

Happy Anniversary, Rebel!

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. You're making me cry. STOP IT.

Love you.

Happy Anniversary!

Amanda said...

You are so very very blessed! Hugs.

astral said...

Congratulations on 15 years!! I wish you many, many more blissful years ;-)

Susan said...

Mine is a fuckstick but that doesn't keep me from being thrilled for you and yours! Well done!

Kristine said...

<3 Happy 15 years.