January 28, 2009


Turtle is sick. I mean she never got better and has gotten worse since Monday. Tonight she spiked a fever, and I broke out the tylenol. We have her One Year appointment in the morning so I am trying to not freak out to much. As I sit here listening through the monitor the poor girl is trying so hard to sleep... coughing keeps waking her up. Poor baby.

I got a letter this Monday stating I owe taxes for something that was SUPPOSED to be tax-exempt. Gotta love the way Social Services lies to you. It is to the tune of about 16 grand. Made my freaking day. What a crock of shit... many letters are about to fly from my hot little fingers over this.

Kent is failing 2 classes, and not a single teacher called to tell me. I guess they have decided that high school puts the parents out of the loop. What a Joke!! This is supposed to be an Honors School. May be going back to the mainstream High School next fall if this keeps up.

My ass cheeks are killing me from the PIO shots. I lost 10 pounds this week, but my girth has managed to increase daily?? Wonder what that is all about. Not sure if any of the Stooges hung out yet, but I keep carrying that hope in my heart.

On a good note, the banner that I have to the side about Little Miss Hailey?? Well, I just got news last night that the surrogate is currently getting positive HPT's and will be having her Beta in the morning. I could not be happier, and it needed to happen now. If any of my readers helped them out, I want you to know that I will forever remain grateful for whatever you did. I can not imagine that little girl losing her battle after all it took to get her here!!

I totally scored the whole collection of Fraggle Rock on DVD today... I am gonna have a BLAST watching those with Turtle when they come!! I LOVE FRAGGLE ROCK!!!

I guess that I will give you all until the afternoon to comment on Turtle's stats... here are the other visits stats:

6 lbs 15 ozs
19 1/2 inches long

2 Months:
10.6 lbs
22 1/2 inches long

4 Months:
14.2 lbs
25 1/4 inches long

6 Months:
16.5 lbs
27 1/2 inches long

9 months:
19 lbs
29 inches long

I will tell you that mommy is short, 5'4", and daddy is 6' even. So if you want to play, make your guesses, there is something in it for you I promise!!


Rhonda said...

21 pounds 2 ounces and 31.4 inches.

I hope your three stooges are just as stubborn as the original three!

Kristin said...

Sorry about the trouble with Kent's school. That sucks.

Hope Turtle feels better soon. Gabe has been sick (horrible congestion) and the only way he was sleeping without me was to sleep propped way up.

Hoping and praying your stooges hang out for a long, long time.

The news about Hailey is fabulous!!!

And, yay about Fraggle Rock.

Kristin said...

Oops...forgot my guess.

20 lbs 14 oz
30 3/4 inches

Soxy Deb said...

20 lbs 8 ozs
31.5 inches

I'm sorry baby girl is still sickly. I know you hate that. Can't do anything to take away her pain or misery and that sucks.
As for Kent - WTH does the school not feel obligated to alert you to this sooner??!! I would not be happy at all.
As far as the bill? Oh yeah - STRONGLY WORDED LETTERS to someone. For sure.

poison ivy said...

23.5 lbs,
33 inches long,
and as cute as a bug's ear.

Sending sticky vibes to your 3 little ones. ((((hugs))) those pio shots suck rocks.

Kibbles said...

Weight: 23 pounds
Height: 32 inches
Cuteness: Immeasurable!

Jason and Samantha said...

Oh, I hope the Turtle feels better.

I'm thinking of you and the 3 stooges!!

Amanda said...

... I'm not even going to ask how you got those Fraggle Rock DVD's... I think I already know LOLOL