January 26, 2009

Baby it's cold IN here....

The heat pump took a shit this weekend... OK it was really like 2 weeks ago, but we have been nursing it along trying to get to warmer weather... Ha, it is supposed to snow tomorrow!

So Clark uncorked his ass, and we are getting a brand spanking new Trane heat pump put in. It will be so nice when they are done, and we can turn it on, cuz right now it is about 55 degrees in this house, and I left my toes in the living room 20 minutes ago!!

I am contemplating ways to hunt down the man... because it had to be a man who came up with PIO. Sadistic pig. This stuff is pure evil I tell ya. I mean you have to inflict physical harm to inject it, and then it screws with your body, tricking it in into thinking "Oh we must be pregnant, this is what pregnant feels like." Yeah no freaking kidding. Never mind that I am only 3 days post transfer and there is no way that I could have any HCG in my system. Hell Larry, Moe and Curly were just late last night or early today, blasts capable of hatching (hence that being my excuse for massive sushi consumption Friday night!!).

So the PIO has to be the reason I have turned into a full on Bitch... oh no wait I am like that all the time, but my inner Bitch has let her filter go, and that does not bode well for the penis bearing members of the species. My physical body is convinced that it is pregnant, the brain however knows better, and the conflict this is causing is shear madness.... the other reason I feel that a man had to have invented the crap, they love to see us all in a tizzy.

So Clark has been great about the shots, and is actually quite good at them. He is in and out in like 2 minutes..... :o)

Turtle has bean a royal bear all weekend, due to the cold and ear infection, so while she is the cutest little thing on the planet, my nerves have been shot with all the crying. Her fever finally broke Saturday, but she still carried her foul mood over. She has her one year Well Baby Visit this coming Thursday, yeah I know late, but they wanted to do it the 20th, and well I was having a huge needle shoved up my girlie bits early on the 20th, not to sure I could have concentrated!!

So I am thinking about having a contest to see who can guess her stats, if this sounds like something you would like to jump in on, let me know so that I can decide tonight where I want to go with this. Love and hugs from the Infertile House!!!


Rhonda said...

I think we should get to know what her STATS were at the last appointment though, so we have something to go on. But if you do it, I'm in.

Kristin said...

I'll be willing to guess as long as you give us her most recent stats. Sorry the pio is screwing with you so badly.

Tricia said...

oh i will play..... I will SO play lol.. My main issue is remembering she is a little bigger then the peanut

Lost in Space said...

Sorry that PIO is messing with you. A new heater sounds heavenly. (Ours is on the fritz too.)

I hope at least one of your stooges is hanging on for the long haul!!