September 30, 2007


I truly suck!!!

Sorry that I haven't been around to update, but I have just been a slacker!! Things here in the Infertile house are going along smoothly for the most part. Turtle thinks that she needs to haul Clark and I to L&D at least every two weeks!! We were there this past Friday after an unplanned trip to the OB... cervix is still unchanged, but the contractions are still there, and actually getting quite painful at times.... Apparently as long as they are just being irritating, and non-productive, there isn't much they will do about them... I did come home the proud owner of a Terbutiline RX though, so that made me a lot happier then the last time I was there!!! Those shots still suck though!!!

Kent is going through some tuff times either within his mind, or his heart, hard to tell just yet, but he has been a little brat the last few weeks. School has been an issue already, and we aren't even 9 weeks into the school year yet. I have to be calm and try not to kill him when he runs off at the mouth, and that has gotten twice as hard as it was just a few short weeks ago!! Not to mention that I have created a MONSTER who just assumes that it is literally OK to ask his broke ass parents WHY he can have the new X-Box 360, but he has to buy any games that he may want? Well hell could it be because the freaking system alone is setting us back close to $550.00 bucks right before Christmas?? But he just doesn't get why that should be an issue... I mean he really doesn't get it, and that pisses me off!!!!!!!!! I didn't raise him to act like a spoiled brat, but yet there he sits, SPOILED FREAKING ROTTEN!!!! UGH. I cannot get him to understand that he isn't the only kid anymore, even if Turtle isn't here yet, she still has a lot of needs that have to be met before she gets here that aren't freaking cheap in the least. So needless to say we have been butting heads a few times a week, and it has gotten pretty ugly!!! Gotta love having a teen who SWEARS you know nothing about understanding them..... Boy, do I remember those days!!!

So this week marks the "Golden Week 24" that I have been holding out for, and I honestly don't feel much better about things. I can't tell you all the fantastic posts I have started in my head that have been lost to a nap, or just plain derailed because I stopped thinking just long enough to forget what it was I had been thinking!! LOL!! Clark calls this "Preggie Brain" , I call it Losing my Freaking mind!!! I honestly thought that when I reached this point I would be able to relax and breathe, but now I just worry that she stays put even longer!! Not to mention that now I have to start working on her room so that she has a place to sleep!! Needless to say I have been spending time registering (Pain in the ASS!!)(and ONLY because Clark MADE ME!!) and hitting Ebay to see what is out there!!! Man what a commercial endeavor it is to have a baby!! I cannot believe the amount of CRAP there is out there that people tell you that you need!!! I guess it doesn't help that I am very funy about what I will and won't buy. Not just that, but like I told Clark, some of this stuff is so expensive I feel just downright guilty registering for it and asking people to buy it!! Just me, but I really don't think kids really need all the trappings that "They" tell you to get!!! I mean really we didn't have all that crap when we were babies, so are we really doing ourselves or our kids any justice by blowing wads of cash on shit we and they don't really need??? Boy I tell you what an eye-opener!!!

So, anyway, Turtle and I are hanging in there. I pray everyday for the strength to keep from killing or maiming Kent every 10 minutes after he gets home from school, and praying really hard that Turtle would stop messing with her daddy everytime he tries to catch her moving!!! I think she does it on purpose, a glimpse of the future?? I hope not, I so want her to be a daddies little girl!!!

Until next time!!!!


Samantha said...

It's never uneventful at your house! I hope Kent will start coming around to the changes in his life. It's going to be a big adjustment for him.

Kristin said...

I'm glad to hear Turtle is still hanging in there. I was worried when we didn't hear anything. And, as crazy as Kent is driving you, all this is really normal. You add teenage hormones to the upheaval of a new baby and his behavior isn't unusual. But, this is just an explanation, not an excuse for the behavior.

{{{Hugs}}} and hang in there.

deanna said...

Many congrats (and big sighs of relief!) on the arrival of Week 24!

Wishing you luck and sending positive vibes for things to even out with Kent.

Anonymous said...

:::::::knocks on the computer screen:::::::
Hullooooo wheres my Monday and a half update!!!! You are so late young lady (did that sound all mother to you??)
C'mon talk Turtle to me I get all twitchy when you disappear like this