November 22, 2010


I guess all I had to do was bitch about my uterus here on my blog, and she would buck up and come through for me. Maybe I should have tried that a long time ago!!

So, AF came this past Friday morning. I started spotting pretty bad Thursday night, so I knew the next morning I could call and make the appointment for the hydro sonogram. Also, in Thursdays mail I got my package from the IVF nurse with all our scripts and our Cryo schedule, so maybe that put a little motivation into her to!! :o)

I have yet to hear back from the woman in the business office, but that is par for the course with her, I have had issues with her before, and I fully plan on making the clinic aware of everything at the end of this cycle regardless of the outcome. But, I did hear from the IVF nurse again this morning and everything is a go as far as blood work and the scripts.

Lorraine made a comment on my last post about minimal meds, and I wanted to explain what I meant about that. I am agreeing to go along with the standard meds as far as the precycle and transfer meds. So, pre-transfer I will be on the Vivelle patches, estrace tablets, predisone and doxycycline. After transfer I will be on the Progesterone injections..... although I would rather not, she pressed the low progesterone issue with me and the fact that the suppositories seem to have no affect on me. She also really wants me to be on heparin injections again, and I am on the fence with that, but we will discuss it when I go in for the Hydro on Dec. 1st. I am not against meds if I feel that there is a benefit, but with the last 2 cycles that we did, I felt so overwhelmed at all of the shots I ended up doing, and I wondered if all of the stress didn't play at least some part in the negatives.

I know that the outcome of this cycle will depend on the embryo's themselves, so I can only hope at this point for a good thaw, and at least one little embryo that CAN!!

Things will probably not get rolling until after the first of the year due to the fact that the lab closes for 2 weeks at Christmastime so the last day to start patches for a cycle this year is the 4th of Dec., and my hydro isn't until the 1st. I then have to get AF after the hydro before I can start the Vivelle patches. This is actually cool with me as I cannot see adding the stress of a cycle to the stress of the holidays, not to mention Lauryn's birthday shortly into January.

I wanted to let you know that I am working on a little update post about all that has gone on in the last few months, but honestly it is hard to sit here for more then a few minutes at a time what with a toddler, 3 dogs, 2 horses and a husband who all demand more of my time then I actually have to give!! I am working on it though!!! See you all soon!! Hugs!

November 18, 2010

Waiting... not so Patiently.

I am on the road to FET land, however my normal 34 days cycle has apparently decided to disappoint me this month.

I talked to the IVF nurse, and my RE wants a Hydro sonogram before we can transfer. Cool Beans, no problem. It has to be done between day 5 and 15 of your cycle. Normally I would be at that point right now, but alas my uterus is screwing me over again.

I have decided that this FET will be done with as little medical intervention as possible... meaning Meds. I think that things were just getting overboard towards the end last time, and the only thing I was on when I got pregnant with Lauryn was baby aspirin, progesterone suppositories, and pre natals. So I think a return to minimal is called for here.

This will be the last time we do this as honestly we cannot afford... mentally, physically, emotionally, or financially, another try. I have worked through the whole thing in my mind, and I am just at that point where I want to bring these last ones "home" and if we end up getting a baby then great, but if not, I can move on KNOWING I did everything I could, No Regrets.

So, when Mother Nature gets the memo and fills my request for AF, I will be on my way....... I am scared out of my mind!!!!

November 9, 2010


Keith stood at the back door Sunday morning looked at me with soft eyes and said... " I think I would rather have another gee-up lover then the Bug in the garage."

And so it begins again.

For the VERY last time.

p.s. a Gee-Up is Lauryn's name for her blanket, she cannot be found with out it.