November 18, 2010

Waiting... not so Patiently.

I am on the road to FET land, however my normal 34 days cycle has apparently decided to disappoint me this month.

I talked to the IVF nurse, and my RE wants a Hydro sonogram before we can transfer. Cool Beans, no problem. It has to be done between day 5 and 15 of your cycle. Normally I would be at that point right now, but alas my uterus is screwing me over again.

I have decided that this FET will be done with as little medical intervention as possible... meaning Meds. I think that things were just getting overboard towards the end last time, and the only thing I was on when I got pregnant with Lauryn was baby aspirin, progesterone suppositories, and pre natals. So I think a return to minimal is called for here.

This will be the last time we do this as honestly we cannot afford... mentally, physically, emotionally, or financially, another try. I have worked through the whole thing in my mind, and I am just at that point where I want to bring these last ones "home" and if we end up getting a baby then great, but if not, I can move on KNOWING I did everything I could, No Regrets.

So, when Mother Nature gets the memo and fills my request for AF, I will be on my way....... I am scared out of my mind!!!!


Anonymous said...

Big hugs and sticky vibes to you! Tell that bia AF to bring it on!

Photogrl said...

Why does she always make herself scarce when we want her to come?

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way...Good Luck!

Poison Ivy said...

Awe, my sweetie. I understand! No what ifs. Hey, I will track down Aunt Flo and give her a ride on my broom if needed to get this going! Wishing you the best of luck sweetie (and saying my prayers daily) that it all goes well.

Lorraine said...

I guess it's all about closure, but I so hope that you get the baby, too. I know you want as few meds as possible, but my good clinic always recommended dexamethasone and ten days of antibiotics just because bacterial infections and inflammatory response can make or break an otherwise healthy chance at pregnancy. Not trying to be pushy! Just really want this to work for you...