December 30, 2009

Slowing down again....

So, Christmas is over and I survived.

We are all sick here except for Clark(ass) so it hasn't been to much of a good weekend/week. I knew when we went to the peds for shots last Tuesday we would bring something home and I was ever so right!! Turtle is coughing like a freak, my throat is raw, I sneeze if I think, and the sinus pressure is freaking unreal!! I shot some saline solution up my right nostril the other night to try to ease some of the snot out, and you would have thought I had shot whiskey up in there!! I almost cried the pain was so bad, so I will assume that I now have a sinus infection on the right side. Oh and Kent is sick to.

I got a call Monday that Kent has been accepted into the program, so now we just wait for the Insurance to come through. We have to wait until the 4th because WeSuck cancelled us as of the end of this year. I told them to just wait until after the new policy went into effect before doing anything. He is still acting like a jerk, and I am still staying away from him, but I can say that the 4th cannot come soon enough.... Winter Break has been hard on me!!

I have a little bit of an issue that I need to discuss also..... It seems that I may have a dishonest person reading my blog... Shocker I know right. As most of you know I sent out Christmas cards to those who asked, well I had one come back today. Now why would you give me the wrong address to mail you a card if you were a real person, and honestly wanted one? Unless of course you aren't who you say you are, or have an ulterior motive for even being here. I have actually long wondered about this person, and am not sure where to take this, so if any of you wonderful folks out there have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Well it is late here, and I am exausted. I will try to get back in a day or so to update you on some other things that have been up, nothing major just stuff I need to get off my chest!!

Hugs to you all,


Kristin said...

I hope y'all feel better soon and that things remain somewhat calm between now and the 4th. As for the fake, I don't know what to recommend. I got sucked in majorly once by a Fakey McFakerson and it both pissed me off and hurt like hell. All I can say is it sucks and I'm sorry this happened to you.

Tutu said...

Hmmmmm...that is odd. I mean, it's not like you demanded an address, and they felt they needed to hide from you, they VOLUNTEERED it.

Hope things stay relatively calm between now and Monday!

Happy New Year!

girlranting said...

Well, my Xmas card hasn't gotten here, but I wonder if that is because I am in Mexico? Post usually takes 2-3 weeks at times, more during the holidays, so I'm still hopeful I will get mine... I hope you're not thinking I'm the fake :( If it's me, though, I hope you tell me because I can certainly prove I am who I say I am! ^^ :)

Kahla said...

Oh no, hope ya'll are all better very soon!

I don't know what to say about the fake either, I don't get people like that at all. So sorry!

Kim In CT said...

Thanks for my cute your family is!!!I appreciated your kind words.I am glad to have survived the holidays too.There will always be fake people out there and like Kristin said sorry that it happened.Have a Happy New Years!!I am sure you are looking forward to the New year too!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are all feeling better soon.

I am curious to know who your fake person may be. . .

Kibbles said...

I just realized you probably mean me!
I never got your card, but I thought maybe YOU changed your mind about sending it, so I didn't want to say anything.
I see now that I forgot to put in our apartment number, and our mailman can be stubborn about that, so it makes sense that they would have sent it back as undeliverable.

I'm sorry though, that you had been wondering about me(why???) :(
I never meant to make you uncomfortable on your own blog.

I apologize if my comments were ever hurtful to you.

I'm truly Sorry.