November 15, 2007


Things here in the Infertile house have been freaking insane the last 2 weeks!! I felt like I was going to lose my mind, and just when I thought I could relax, I realized that next Thursday is Thanksgiving... how in the hell did that happen?? Wasn't it just May, didn't I just transfer?? Where did June go?? And the rest of summer??? Gah!!!

So I guess I owe you all an update of some kind huh?? Just kidding, I know I do, and so you know this is going to be LONG!!!

Kent: Nothing has changed much, and I am not expecting it to. I haven't given up on him, but right now I am letting Clark expend his energy dealing with him. I took him to the Ped. last Friday, and he spent the whole appointment humiliating me by being really rude, and pulling out his arm hairs.

Turtle: Little Miss is doing just fine. We had our 30 week OB appointment yesterday, Mommy is 166 pounds, B/P was 118/68, no protein, found out that we passed the Glucose test with an 88, so well below the cutoff. Everything seems to be measuring on track, but the whole visit lasted all of 4 minutes!!! I got a note to get my flu shot, and scheduled our 3D ultrasound... for today at 5:30.... I am a little irritated with this because the U/S is at the OB's office, and costs me $150.00, I was under the impression that they did the 3D's every Friday of the month, but they have decided to just do them once a month, and the cut off is 32 weeks (since these US's are for keepsake purposes only, and they want you to get good pics).... so by the time the next day was due to come around I would have been 34 weeks, making the Turtle to cramped. However, I paid, and they handed me the instruction sheet that says to start drinking 48 ounces of fluid everyday for 2-3 days before the scan, well I had less then 24 hours when I booked it... UGH!! So I will be heading out early, Clark and I are going to do a little grocery shopping before the US and then head back home after. I just hate that it will be so freaking dark by the time we head back home!!!

Oh yeah, and you know what?? I had THE Baby Shower last weekend (the 10th) and it was the baby shower that almost wasn't!!! Let me just start by saying that I have no ill will towards women who simply have sex to get pregnant, but I do have it against the ones who had it easy and then want to blame the fact that they are and were an idiot on the fact that they are pregnant!! See, the woman who works the desk at the hotel where we were due to have our shower is 5 months pregnant, and a total AIRHEAD!! I went into the hotel on the 30th of Oct, to ask about rooms, and ended up finding out that they had an actual meeting room ( they are VERY newly opened, by like 2 months) and after I found out the rate ($200.00 for the whole day) I talked it over with Clark, and went back the very next day to reserve the room. Now I ASKED 2 times that Tuesday just to make sure the date was open and was told that it was by both Front Desk Pregnancy, and the manager. I was also assured that they had rooms available for the family that was attending. So, when I was there on the 31st I gave the Pregnant One, my CC# and then I told her that I would give her my home number just in case, and then even added my cell to that to, because I knew I was going to be busy for the time from then to the shower... oh and I had a friend there with me who heard the whole thing. So off we went, and I assumed everything was fine. I asked Clark a few times that next week if they had charged us for the room and he always said no... we just assumed (there is that word again) that they were going to do it the day of the Shower. So, the 10th, I have a friend in from out of town, and we head off around 1 to the hotel... get there and see bags sitting by the back door. The door was locked, so we go around front, and I walked into a lobby full of people, a caterer set up in the breakfast area, and my friend coming around the corner and she says to me... "Hey there are a bunch of people in the room you are supposed to have your shower in...." Long story short the Pregnant One booked 2 parties that day, and SWORE to my face that I never gave her a contact number, and that she had tried to call every Infertile in the book... DUH we are sooooo unlisted!! She also informed me that the family that I told her was coming NEVER booked rooms, to which I asked her if all of her relatives had the same last name that she did??? I mean really, she was kidding right??? So by now I am freaking out, and my 2 best friends step in to handle things, and it started to get ugly. Pregnant One starts bawling talking about how she is pregnant and we are stressing her out... oh the IRONY!!! The maintenance guy gets involved, and they keep telling us to just leave. Well my Friend M just looked at the guy and says " Rebel waited 14 years to have this Baby Shower and this baby, and if you think that we are leaving then you have another thing coming... I am sure that the Newspaper and local TV stations would LOVE to hear how you put an infertile woman through all this BS after all she has already been through" That's my girl!!! Boy they got freaked, and soon the GM was on the phone saying that we could have the room after the other party left at 4:30... no dice, we told them we had people coming at 3 that we couldn't contact... so they finally offered us the breakfast area after the manger suggested it would be big enough, and we accepted, but only at NO CHARGE to us. Once we got that settled, we had a great time, but I swear if it hadn't been for my friends I would be blogging from Jail!!!! The Shower really did end up being nice, even though I look ready to murder in half the photo's, and fun was had by all. Turtle got some awesome stuff, and it was really nice to have so many people who have supported us share the day with us!!!

So now I need to start working on THE room, I have finally settled on a crib and furniture, so that is the next big purchase we have to make. It all seems so surreal to me even now that I am getting a bit of a bigger belly, and she has become quite the "Uterine Terrorist" I am not kidding you, this kid loves to beat me internally!!! I am still at 30 1/2 weeks getting the "You are pregnant?", and then the "That far?? Really??" Hell I even got it at the OB's office Tuesday.... so do you think I have a baby belly yet?? Not. So. Much.!!! Oh well, I am getting over that a little more everyday, I just want her to be here and be healthy!!

Well, I am off to "start" the day, so I will post some of the 3D photo's tonight or tomorrow.... Hugs

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Samantha said...

I guess all's well that end's well! I'm glad the shower was fun for all in the end.