July 27, 2007

Holdin my own....

For now anyway!!! Things have been a little busy here in the Infertile house, what with all the running around I have been doing. Just errands here and there, but stuff that has had to get done!! We bought a used van with a wheelchair lift in it for Kent, and my mom will be bringing it out in a week or so, so I had to get all the registration, insurance and tags done last week. We are also having to take a friend to court who owes us money, so that has had to be dealt with, not to mention my now weekly dental appointments to get some serous damage to my teeth fixed!!! That has been fun let me tell you!! NOT!!! I guess not getting enough fluoride when you are a kid IS a bad thing!!

We are now officially in the second trimester!!!! Thank GOD!!!! So far Turtle is doing fine. I rented a Doppler and it came the 16th, so now every night we check in on the little one to make sure all is well. He/She seems to prefer the left side of the ute, and I am almost always guaranteed to find the heartbeat right off, and in the same place!! Of course keeping the little turkey there is a different story.... seems that he/she knows when we are listening, and moves all over the place trying to hide!!! I have been having a lot of round ligament pain, and I have hours during the day when I can literally feel my uterus growing... it is just little pangs, but they go steady on one side for a few hours, and then like someone turned on a switch they move to the other side... it is really weird I tell you!!! The bizarre thing is that I still can't believe I am pregnant. It just isn't real to me, no matter how hard I try, I still feel like this is some evil prank from the heavens, and that any minute there will be a knock at the door, and that little shit from "Punked" will be on the other side laughing at me!!! I would have to kill him just so you all know!!!!

I went to see my P-Doc yesterday, and he said fine to the OB's recommendation to move to Pr*zac for the rest of this pregnancy, so I have begun the down dosing of one, and will start the Pr*zac next week, overlap for a week, and then be on just the Pr*zac. He also wants me to ask about the safety of another med to break a habit that I can't seem to do on my own. I actually begged him to refer me to a hypnotist, but he gave me this speech about wanting to do it deep down, and that it wouldn't work if I wasn't ready?? Not ready are you kidding me, the guilt alone over the whole thing is freaking killing me, so yeah I am ready!! I guess I will just have to find one on my own and pay out of pocket to see him!! UGH

I think my next OB appointment is the 9th, and I am going to strongly push for them to send me to a perinatologist. I am just bothered that they don't seem to be concerned enough that the outcome with Turtle be a good one. I have waited to long, and I am not going to let a lax group of docs put me or Turtle at risk. Between the Previa, the Acretia, growth restriction that could come with the Previa and Acretia, and the fact that I had Gastric Bypass 7 years ago, I really worry that this little one will get all it needs to be born healthy!!! So, right now that is my biggest source of frustration!! UGH!!!

So, that has been the last 10 days in a nutshell!!! See you all soon!! Oh BTW, I spent a lot of this last week catching up on blogs that I have been neglecting, so that is another reason for my absence!!!

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