June 22, 2007

Drama, Oh The Drama.....

Yeah, Yeah I know I did it again... I swear I have a really good excuse though!! Meet Turtle!!!

Turtle is fine, and growing right on target. I had my first OB appointment on the 14th, and I hated the doc that I saw... Clark calls her Dr. ManHands!! She spent half of the visit arguing with me about the medications that I was on, and why I was on them. She said she had never heard of M*tformin being used to treat insulin resistance in PCOS patients... ok and this office does some infertility treatments. Then her other thing was my choice of antidepressants, telling me that there is a terrible risk to the Turtle if I don't get off them right away, well I told her that the RE and my Pdoc put a lot of thought and discussion into what meds they wanted me on, and this was the one we chose, but if she has such a big issue with it then I will ask him to change me!! Good Grief!! She then went on having an issue with the Cystic Fibrosis test that we turned down, never mind that ins doesn't pay for it, and it is a $400.00 test. I told her that we have had all the genetic testing done, and everything came back fine, so there was really no point in doing this test. After all that, we did the exam, and I mentioned to her about all the pain I am having on the left side, and that the RE told me to make sure that they checked it out if I was still having issues with it. She told me that all pregnant women get pain in their ovaries, and that I was just being to sensitive since this was my first baby!!! Needless to say I was so pissed off when I checked out I asked for another doc the next time I go. You have to see all the docs in the practice anyway, but she is one I am going to try very hard to stay the hell away from.

We did get a quick peek at Turtle that day, but only because the U/S tech called my last name, but I wasn't the one she was looking for. We got in the room, and she says, after she has goo all over my belly, "My you are hiding that 18 weeks really well!!" I looked at Clark and said to her well that could be because I am only 8 weeks not 18. So she looked for 3 seconds let us hear the heart beat and then kicked us out!! Funny thing is there were 4 pregnant women in there that day with the same last name, so she really should call by the first and last name ya think???

So I get out of there thinking and praying that I never have to see Dr. ManHands again right?? Wrong, by Saturday night I had what I now know to be the WORST FREAKING yeast infection I have ever had in my life. Well I was thinking something was not right because I used a treatment on Sunday, Monday it was worse, and I was running a fever. Did I forget to mention that their office doesn't used disposable speculum's?? Oh yeah they don't. So I call to get an appointment for Monday afternoon, and... yep you guessed it, Dr. ManHands!!! She comes in, looks at me, and says "Didn't I just see you last week??" Not skipping a beat I looked right back at her and said "Yeah, and I would really like to know what you gave me while I was here!!" Well, the exam didn't take long, and she said that it was indeed a yeast infection, and that I could just get another OTC treatment and that should take care of it. It did to, but I tell you that was just horrible!!

Yesterday I was scheduled for my actually U/S, and it went great!! I was so scared that I had been having nightmares for 3 days before the actual thing. Turtle was moving arms and legs, heartbeat was nice and strong. I actually got to hear the heartbeat really well this time, and I was soooo excited. I cannot even begin to tell you how it feels, unreal is the word that still comes to mind, to know that there is this little person inside me growing more and more everyday, after waiting so long it really feels like I am walking around in a dream. The only thing that even makes it remotely real to me is the U/S pictures that I can look at all day long!! To be honest, it makes me feel almost lost in a sense, until now I had treatments to look forward to, plan, and get through, but now I am just sitting here patiently (OK not really) waiting for some small sign that everything is going well. I am really having denial issues, and feeling like I have lost my identity as an Infertile with Turtle being in there. How do you turn off or turn down the volume on something that has been a noise in your head since you can remember?? How do you just sit back and feel relieved, and think about the future when all that you know has changed with one little being?? If anyone out there knows can you clue me in, or sell me your map to the land of "Holy Shit I am Actually Freaking Pregnant"??

Ok, so part 2 of why I have been gone so much... Kent has lost his mind here recently, and I have been struggling to deal with him without killing him!!! We found out that he has to go to summer school because he failed the make up math test for the end of the year, no big deal really so did almost half of the 8th grade, but then home comes report card, and he got an F in Social Studies. Well, he had no explanation for why so I told him that I would just have to call the teacher. He wasn't worried about it, or didn't seem to be, until I caught him trying to sneak his progress report (that I never say back in May) out with his trash. I was livid that he had a 59% in that class 5 weeks before school ended and I never even got a call from the teacher, not a word!! So I called the teacher the next day and asked him what the deal was, and he told me that Kent had handed in a report (that he had known about for 7 months, and that I had asked him about at least once a week) 2 1/2 weeks late, and that it was very poorly written. He then goes on to tell me that the kids were given the option to redo the report in 2 weeks and hand it back in for an improved grade... do you think Kent did any of that??? Nope handed it right back in just like he had gotten it back from the teacher!!! Well, he then tells me that Kent also got an F for his 9 weeks test because he had given the kids an essay that was to be 3-5 pages long on all that they had learned that 9 weeks about WWII. Well, my wonderful, honor roll, Junior Beta Club kid hands in a page and a half of drivel over a week late. I am so at a loss with him right now, and of course you know when I confronted him and asked him what was going on, he blamed it all on me being pregnant and the baby!! Clark went off and told him that I wasn't even pregnant when he handed all that crap in late the first time, so that wasn't a valid reason for any of his problems. He has admitted that he is jealous, and that he doesn't really want this baby... LOL like he has much that he can do about it now.... other then drive me crazy. I think that he is just so used to having his way, and having us to himself all the time for the last 5 1/2 years that he thinks anyone else in this house but the 3 of us is going to cramp his style, even though I told him that he is the only one doing that with all the lying and doing poorly in school!! Ack Teenagers!!! Guess this is getting me ready for the next one huh??!!

Well, back to the drama that has been my life. My next OB appt. isn't until the 12th of July, so I will be sitting here waiting for that!!! UGH why does it have to take 9 freaking months to have a baby???


Erin said...

First, so glad that Turtle is doing well! Dr. ManHands sounds awful and, worse than that, totally uninformed! From what I know, Metformin is the standard first-line treatment for insulin resistance in PCOS patients. I can't believe they don't use disposable spectrums, either. Ugh. Sorry about the yeast infection--it sounds miserable.

I wonder what is doing on with your son? I hope that you're able to figure it out, because it sounds like it's really frustrating to have a child with so much intelligence and potential who's just slacking off!

Heidi said...

I was very surprised how difficult it was to adjust to "normal" life after resolution of infertility. I think it has to do with how long it has gone on. I was in infertiliy treatment, off and on, for 16 years, nearly my entire adult life (at the time), so I suppose it shouldn't have been such a surprise that it would take some time to switch gears. It is a process that is not going to happen overnight or even when Turtle is born. But gradually, you will build a new life without infertility!

Samantha said...

I am also glad that Turtle is doing well! It sounds like you have enough smaller dramas going on in your life that you don't really need anything else to handle! I wish I had some advice I could give you with your son.

I'm sorry about Dr. ManHands, she sounds like a real piece of work. I hope the other doctors are little more knowledgeable about IF treatments.