February 10, 2005

Time Flies....

Well, I know it seems like everytime I say I am going to get here more I seem to fade out, but I have really been busy with work!! I have had some very strange patients, but now I just have 2 that are 3 hours apiece, so that will leave me an hour for lunch, and be done early enough to get Kent off the bus everyday! Snickers has been getting worse everyday, and has been diagnosed with Lupus, so there will be some vet visits in our future. All the other animals seem to be doing great, and the P is growing like a weed!! she is 49 pounds already, and was 19 weeks old on Monday, she is the love of my life, and such a cutie that it has been a riot to watch her grow everyday!! She is so smart and fun!!

Our adoption homestudy was the 28th of January, and everything went great, so now hopefully this thing will move a little faster!! I am getting antsy, and yet still have a lot of mixed feelings about this whole thing... does that sound weird?? It just seems that I started to second guess myself now that it is getting closer... ugh I hate this stuff!!! Oh well, I hope that Clark remembers Valentines Day, and gets me something sweet!! I am gonna get him and Kent something this weekend. Oh well I have to work early, so I am gonna head out!!

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