February 7, 2011

10 days...

I swore 2011 was going to be a better year, ha shame on me for thinking.

In the last 10 days we have found out that our water heater has been leaking for at least 2 months causing extensive water damage, and sever mold growth. So, as of Wednesday we will have to leave the house and stay in a hotel for as few as five or as many as 10 days. All this with 2 dogs, us, a fish and a Toddler who is very in love with our DVR!!

This past Saturday night night while I was brushing Lauryn's teeth, I noticed that both of her front teeth have severe discoloration and some decay at the gum line. This does not bode well for her because of my dental history. We are on the hunt for a pediatric dentist.

Saturday was also a shit day because we came home from an outing to find our five year old Rottie girl dragging her hind legs. A trip to the Vet ER told me nothing I hadn't already figured out on my own, she was most likely paralyzed. I took her to our vet this morning only to have my fears confirmed, by a man I trust. So, today I said goodbye to one of the best dogs I have owned, one that I raised from 24 hours old, one who has been by my side through the worst of my IF battle, and the best.

The last 10 days have sucked the life out of me, it might not seem like much to some, but to me it just seems like a faster start to a shitty year....... much like the one we just kissed goodbye to. I need something to give here, things have got to start going our way.....