July 1, 2009

Heparin, Estrogen, and Totcicles... Oh My!!!!!

Let the FET begin!!!

To tell you the truth the whole thing seems rather anticlimactic. No U/S, no visit to the clinic, no blood work, just a phone call with the IVF nurse.

I had to laugh when I called her on Tuesday morning to tell her that I had been visited by the Red Tide, because I still had one Provera pill to take. She had scheduled her to visit this coming Saturday or Sunday... don't they know by now that my uterus refuses to be on their or my schedule by now?? So, this morning I started my Heparin injections (50 units) twice a day, and the Vivelle patches.

Hope is in the house, but I have her ass firmly duck taped, gagged, and stuffed in a closet. So, yeah she is here, but I am not letting her have her way with me just yet.

I will go in for B/W and U/S's on the 17th and 20th. Transfer is scheduled for the 22nd. We will be doing 3 embies ( if they make the thaw) with Assisted Hatching.

We leave for vacation on the 31st of July, and I will be in Utah for Beta day, August 5th, hopefully I will be able to just have my draw done at a lab out there with the results called to me by the docs.

Of course if you have been following me for any amount of time, you know that I will have POAS before Beta day, making it just a formality. I have decided that if the pee sticks are negative, then I will just wait til I get back after the 8th to go in. However, if by some miracle they are positive then I will go ahead and get the draw done out there.

So, there you have it... the game has begun. I am still working on that post I promised you all, but life has intervened once again, with the In laws here this past weekend, and our Internet being crazy, today was the first day that I have been able to sit here for more the 10 minutes w/o issues of some kind. I am working on it though.

Hugs to you all, and welcome to the Braces Bunchers just joining me!!


Kristin said...

Rebel...I am keeping my fingers, toes, and everything that can cross crossed for you. Good luck hon.

Photogrl said...

Good luck!

And thanks for the warm welcome, as well.

Veda's Mommy said...

Praying hard for you that this is the miracle month!

Rotten said...

Hello and thanks for the welcome.

Good luck. I will be following along to see how it goes.

Lorraine said...

Show that hope who's boss! (But it would be nice if she could say "I told you so!", wouldn't it?

Rhonda said...

Good luck!

momofonefornow said...

First: I really, really, really hope this time is the charm. You need a miracle!

Second: I have coupons for $4.00 off the expensive tests (EPT's I think). As I am getting divorced and no longer trying to make babies, you are welcome to them if you want them. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

I have it all crossed for you.

Jason and Samantha said...

Good Luck! I've got everything crossed for you!!!

Lost in Space said...

Wishing you well, sweetie!

Amanda said...